Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offerwall?

Offerwall is a way for your users to earn virtual currency (credits / points). Users can earn credits by completing different tasks. When the user successfully completes each task, he/she will receive a variable amount of the virtual currency and, in the same moment, you will receive your payout just as if the user had purchased credits with real money. Instead of paying, the user complete advertising campaigns and thus you get your money. The offerwall can be adapted to your computer or mobile phone.

In which countries can be used this service?

Our service is a global service and can be integrated into businesses around the world and can also be used by people around the world.

Does it take a long time to integrate offerwall into my service?

No, integration is very easy and quick. Just generate your code from our web with a simple click. Then, copy and paste it into your code and all is done: your users can start completing offers. You do not need anything else, not parse text or new interfaces required.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

For the moment you can withdraw your earnings by Payeer, Paypal, FaucetPay or directly to Bitcoin Wallet.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Payment threeshold depends on what withdrawal method you select. For more details you should go to your Account Settings page.

Do you provide YouTube views?

Yes, we do. You can purchase YouTube video views at cheapest prices available!

How can I advertise my website or video?

All you have to do is to join for free, deposit funds and then create your desired campaign. It takes few minutes to launch your campaign with us.

Is there a referral system?

Yes, we do have a referral system. Promote our website using your special URL and earn 10% from your referrals earnings as publishers and 2% from their deposits made for advertising.

How much % do i receive from OFFERS/SURVEYS?

You will get 90% from every completed offer/survey. The money showed in dashboard has allready aplied 10% comission, so the dashboard stats are showing real stats

When i receive my payment?

All payments are automatically processed every month on first day. You need to have your payments details filled to get the payment. Payments will be confirmed NET30. (Frequently payments are confirmed in few days).

Crypto payments.

We offer crypto payments (BTC) for faucetpay or direct wallet. Note: EXAMPLE: If your payment was processed (pending) on 1 Nov 2022, you will receive the payment NET 30 (bitcoin rate (IN USD) will be from 1 nov 2022 , not from completing date.)